Purr-fectly Clean: Embrace Gear Hugger Pet-Friendly Heavy Duty Degreaser for Your Furry Friends Space!

July 31 2023
pet friendly spray lubricant next to a dog outdoors

As pet owners, we all love our furry friends and want to ensure they are in safe and enjoyable environments. We have all experienced from time to time, they leave behind a little trail of mess and grease on their toys and around the house (sometimes more often than not ;)). Finding an effective cleaning product that is both safe for your pet and efficient can be a major challenge due to ingredient concerns or compromises in performance. However, the Heavy Duty Degreaser is a plant-based and non-toxic solution that's perfect for maintaining a hygienic and pet-safe environment! Here are a few areas we love to use the degreaser when it comes to our pets' space.

Pet Crates and Carriers:

Pet crates and carriers are essential for pet travel and safe containment. Regularly cleaning these items with Gear Hugger ensures your pets have a clean space while on the go.

Pet Food Bowls and Water Dishes:

Grease and grime can quickly build up on your pet's food and water bowls. Gear Hugger Heavy Duty Degreaser effortlessly removes these residues, leaving the bowls fresh and safe for your pets. Make sure to rinse with water after applying degreaser before filling with water or food for your pets!

Refreshing Pet Collars and Leashes:

Collars and leashes can become greasy and dirty from outdoor adventures. With Gear Huggers, you can easily refresh and clean these essential pet accessories, ensuring your pet stays comfortable and clean.

Safe Pet Bedding and Blankets:

Accidents happen, and pet bedding and blankets may end up with greasy stains. Not to worry, you can spray the degreaser on the spot, let sit, and throw in the washing machine to fully clean!

Swift Pet Stain Cleaning:

Pet-related grease stains can find their way onto various surfaces. Gear Hugger is the go-to pet-safe degreaser for swiftly cleaning up these messes on hard surfaces like tiles and floors.

Collapsible Pet Crates and Exercise Pens:

Versatile enough to clean collapsible cages and exercise pens making sure all moving parts are working properly and any residue is cleaned up.

As pet owners, it is our responsibility to provide a safe and clean environment for our furbabies. Gear Huggers Heavy Duty Degreaser, with its plant-based and non-toxic formula, offers a perfect solution to maintain a hygienic space for your pets without harming their health! Enjoy peace of mind and spend quality time knowing you are using a pet-safe product that effectively tackles tough grease and grime, making life easier and cleaner for both you and your furry friends.