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Dry Bike Lubricant

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Introducing Gear Hugger Bike Lubricant – a biodegradable marvel formulated with vegetable oils, natural extracts, and eco-friendly additives. Enjoy excellent antioxidant and anti-wear properties, with superior adhesion ensuring lasting protection deep into chain pins. Our dry film technology repels dirt in dry, dusty conditions. Easy application is built into our design, depositing the lubricant precisely into each link's core. Elevate your ride with Gear Hugger – where performance meets environmental responsibility.

Complete Your Eco Garage

Clean Lubricate Protect

Our revolutionary line of plant-powered products are designed for the eco garage with bio-based alternatives to toxins that deliver superior performance without harming the planet.



·Thoroughly clean the area before applying the product to

remove any residue from the previous lubricant.

·Apply a moderate amount of Gear Hugger Dry Bike Lubricant

to the chain while rotating the pedals until the entire

surface is covered.

·Allow a few minutes for the lubricant to penetrate properly

and form a protective coating.

·Wipe off any excess lubricant.


Environmentally non-toxic.

·Odorless, free of volatile organic compounds.

·Prolongs the life of your chain system.

·Prevents wear of parts caused by friction.

·Deposits a lubricating and protective film on the

surface where the oil is applied.

·Great protection against environmental contaminants.

·Provides smoother and more effective gear shifting.

·Does not cause accumulation of lubricant on the chain.

·Great oil penetration.

·100% biodegradable.

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