2023: New Year, New Gear

January 11 2023
2023: New Year, New Gear

Make 2023 the “Year for Gear”

Did you receive some new gear gifts you want to keep in tip top shape? Or do you want to spray some new life into your old gear? We’ve got you covered with a plant-based lubricant that has thousands of uses. Here are some of our tips for prolonging your gear’s working life:

  1. Extend the life of that new electric mower your father-in-law bought by keeping it clean with with Gear Hugger
  2. Instead of tossing out an older bike and buying a new one, use Gear Hugger to keep the chain and other parts running smoothly
  3. Repurpose the old stroller, scooter or skateboard collecting dust in the garage using gear hugger to give it new life for someone else to enjoy 
  4. Use Gear Hugger on new treadmills, bikes, and fitness equipment as instructed to make sure they’re working properly and to decrease wear over time.
  5. Finally get around to restoring that old car using Gear Hugger to clean, protect and prevent future corrosion
  6. Check tents for stuck zippers and tears, then use Gear Hugger along with patches to prevent bigger problems as you look forward to camping season

With Gear Hugger, anyone can keep their gear in good working order and prepared for use, expanding the lifecycle and avoiding expensive repairs. Our lubricant works better than traditional chemical-smelling spray products. And, it’s easier on the environment.