Gear Lover Gifting Guide

November 03 2022
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It’s that time of year again…

...Holidays, parties, shopping and gifting! Need gift inspiration for your gear lover? Take a peek at four of our favorites, along with tips for maintaining that gear for years to come:

  1. Two wheels of adventure. A new bike is a great gift for anyone ages two to 102. Whether you get a beach cruiser, a fat-tire, or a $15k road bike (lucky them!), you can pair the gift with a can of Gear Hugger. It’s a plant-based lubricant that performs better than traditional toxic sprays and will keep your bike running properly for years. It’s perfect for chains, brakes, and other moving parts—and can remove gunk from the frame with ease. 
  2. Fore! Avid golfers enjoy golf gifts. It’s often their main hobby, and they’re always looking for a present that can give them an edge—or at least make them feel better about shooting 102. If you’re giving your special golfer a 12-pack of ProV1s, a bag of tees, or a new rangefinder, then throw in some Gear Hugger. Gear Hugger lubricant belongs in every golfer’s bag. It’s a great tool to lubricate squeaky golf cart wheels, to protect golf bag zippers, and to remove grime from clubs. 
  3. Tool time. People who spend time in their yards, garages or workshops always like tools. They might have 10 chisels, but need one more that makes that perfect cut. Whether you give someone a lawnmower, needle-nose pliers, or a circular saw, a bottle of Gear Hugger will prevent rust, reduce friction, and is a great all-purpose cleaner. And it’s made out of plants so it doesn’t expose your gift recipient to harmful chemicals from traditional spray lubricant products. 
  4. Wash, dry, refrigerate, freeze. A new appliance is a game-changer gift for some people. Maybe they’ve dealt with an old refrigerator for 17 years and bought bags of ice every other day to compensate for the broken ice maker. Or perhaps they want to throw their dryer off a cliff because it takes hours to dry a load of towels. If you surprise someone with a new appliance, give them a bottle of Gear Hugger to keep the machine running for years. The plant-based, non-toxic formulation makes it perfect for maintaining moving parts by keeping out gunk and moisture. 

Gear Hugger multi-purpose lubricant outperforms traditional spray products that are filled with toxic chemicals. The product comes in both 11 and three-ounce cans—(the perfect stocking stuffer, secret santa gift, or handy holiday present). Since Gear Hugger boasts 1,000s of uses, it’s awesome enough to be a standalone gift, or you can package it with new gear to ensure your gift will keep on giving.