Gear Hugger Eco-Friendly Lubricant Wins 2022 Amazon Launchpad Grant Award

November 09 2022
Gear Hugger Eco-Friendly Lubricant Wins 2022 Amazon Launchpad Grant Award

Plant-Based, Multi-Purpose Lubricant Lands Spot Amongst $20,000 Grant Recipients for Q2

Gear Hugger, pioneer of plant-based, non-toxic, multi-purpose lubricants, and disrupter of the eco-friendly hardware category, has been named a 2022 winner of an Amazon Launchpad Grant Award for Q2. The revolutionary plant-powered lubricant was included in a roster of three grant recipients.

 With three times the lubricating power of petroleum-based products, Gear Hugger protects against rust and corrosion without leaving toxic residue behind. Created to address the dangerous and often gratuitous use of petroleum, the brand is on a mission to help everyone sustainably relube, restore, and reuse with its plant-powered lubricant. The formula is USDA Certified 96% Biobased and free of petroleum, fossil fuels and PTFEs – making it safe to use around children and pets. 

 Founder Checo Diaz has always been a true outdoorsman and nature enthusiast, participating in everything from hiking to running marathons, swimming to mountain biking, and even kite surfing – all of which require well-lubed gear. Diaz’s family had been in the industrial lubricant business for 70 years, and he decided to make it his mission to expand his family’s legacy and create a more sustainable, eco-friendly future.

 He spent years working with his R&D team to develop a first-of-its-kind, groundbreaking plant-based lubricant that delivers three times the lubricating power vs. petroleum-based products, while protecting against rust and corrosion without leaving behind toxic residue. He then teamed up with co-founder and co-president of Purely Righteous Brands (providing advisory for the greater good), Andrew Aussie to launch Gear Hugger.

 “We are honored to be selected for an Amazon Launchpad Grant Award and are so excited for the opportunities it will provide,” said Founder Checo Diaz. “This grant will allow us to improve the marketing and promotion of our products, enabling more people to learn about us and encourage more people to use our plant-powered, non-toxic lubricant to keep your gear running longer while protecting our planet.” 

With more than 1001 uses in the home, garage and beyond, Gear Hugger is available for purchase in 11 oz. single and three-pack varieties as well as 3 oz. three pack varieties in Amazon's online store.

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