12 Tips for Holiday Home Prep

November 03 2022
safe lubricant spray used in the house

Getting your home prepped for the holidays often means doing many small tasks that you haven’t had time to get to throughout the year. And many of these tasks involve using a multi-purpose lubricant to quiet squeaky doors and hinges, winterproof gear and garages, smooth sticky surfaces, and remove stubborn scuffs and marks.  

But there IS a downside, these traditional spray lubricants are often made with toxic chemicals known to cause human health issues, and they have a “chemical” smell that can persist for days. You want your guests smelling your special almond loaf or roasted turkey, not pungent chemicals. 

Thankfully, there’s a new product called Gear Hugger, a plant-based, multi-purpose lubricant that also functions as a cleaning agent. It’s made with biodegradable ingredients, is non-toxic, and has a neutral “cooking oil” smell that doesn’t linger. It’s an ideal product for getting your home ready for the holidays. So today, I’m here to share many of the ways Gear Hugger can come in handy for holiday prep! 

Here are 12 uses for Gear Hugger that will get your household operating like a clean and capable machine:

  1. If little Timmy or Tammy makes some “artwork” on the wall with some crayons, use Gear Hugger to clean the marks quickly and safely.
  2. Silence squeaky door hinges by spraying a tiny amount of Gear Hugger into the top of the hinge, to keep it working smoothly and quietly for years.
  3. Clean stainless steel surfaces, especially any with adhesive marks or other sticky residues. 
  4. Lubricate your kitchen drawers, so they don’t become stuck or make an embarrassing “screeech” noise.
  5. Clean and protect any antique kitchen tools, especially those with wooden handles. Gear Hugger can keep wood-handled tools from drying out and splintering. 
  6. Remove soap scum by soaking the area in Gear Hugger and letting the plant-based power do its thing.
  7. Give plastic furniture new life with a spray and a wipe down. Gear Hugger penetrates into the plastic to reveal its original shine while it removes grime. 
  8. Remove ink or juice stains from your carpet. Spray some Gear Hugger, let it sit, and then buff out the stain with a clean microfiber towel for best results. 
  9. Clean rust from your toilet’s screws and bracket so it looks fresh and new for guests. It’s also a great way to remove lime and hard water stains. 
  10. Remove buildup from tubs with a liberal spray of Gear Hugger and some elbow grease. You can also clean and lubricate faucet handles. 
  11. Spray window sills to keep them clean and to ensure guests can open windows if they need a little brisk fresh air.
  12. Remove paint, coffee and tea stains from tile flooring or countertops to get your house looking spotless for holidays guests. 

Instead of spraying your home with petroleum and other impossible-to-pronounce chemicals, reach for a safer (and more effective) solution. Happy Holidays!