three cans of spray lubricant that is eco friendly and safe around humans and pets
gear hugger clean eco friendly degreaser
Gear Hugger multipurpose lubricant
Gear Hugger rust protection spray
Gear Hugger products including the Degreaser, Lubricant and rust protection spray

Clean Lubricate Protect Bundle

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Complete Your Eco Garage with a trio of essential products to help you clean, lubricate and protect your gear responsibly. Get Gear Hugger Heavy-Duty Degreaser, Multi-purpose lubricant and Rust Protection for plant-based, non-toxic products that are powerful and effective, plus safe for people, pets and the planet.

Complete Your Eco Garage

Clean Lubricate Protect

Our revolutionary line of plant-powered products are designed for the eco garage with bio-based alternatives to toxins that deliver superior performance without harming the planet.



Clean with Heavy-Duty Degreaser: Our water-based, plant-powered, degreaser eliminates grease, grime and dirt for a shiny finish with no residue. Spray Gear Hugger directly on the surface, brush and rinse with water. For tough jobs give it 15 minutes to act, or soak super greasy tools and parts overnight.

Lubricate with Multi-purpose Lubricant: Our petroleum-free lubricant is a powerful and effective with 3x the lubricating power of the leading brand and no safety concerns for people or the planet. Choose the right nozzle and apply Gear Hugger to moving parts to restore smooth operation with no chemical odor. Ensure even coverage and reapply periodically for maintenance.

Protect with Rust Protector: Remove and protect against rust and corrosion with a long-lasting, non-flammable barrier that shields metal surfaces. To remove rust and debris, spray Gear Hugger directly on the surface and scrub the area using a brush. Wipe with a cloth and repeat as necessary. To protect against rust and corrosion saturate the surface and allow the product to dry. No need to wipe it away. Reapply often in high humidity or outdoor environments.


Gear Hugger bio- and water-based products are powered by plants to replace harsh odors, harmful petroleum and PTFE chemicals with non-toxic, bio-degradable formulas that perform as well as or better than the traditional alternatives. Watch as we prove Gear Hugger has 3x the lubricating power of the leading petroleum brand.

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