three cans of spray lubricant that is eco friendly and safe around humans and pets
gear hugger clean eco friendly degreaser
Gear Hugger multipurpose lubricant
Gear Hugger rust protection spray
Gear Hugger products including the Degreaser, Lubricant and rust protection spray

Clean Lubricate Protect Bundle

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Complete Your Eco Garage With this addition, we now have a trio of eco garage essentials to help you maintain gear responsibly. Clean, lubricate, protect – all with sustainability in mind.

Complete Your Eco Garage

Clean Lubricate Protect

Our revolutionary line of plant-powered products are designed for the eco garage with bio-based alternatives to toxins that deliver superior performance without harming the planet.



Clean with Degreaser:

Apply degreaser to break down and remove dirt, grease, and grime. Wipe or rinse the surface clean after allowing the degreaser to sit.

Lubricate with Multipurpose Lubricant:

Apply lubricant to moving parts for smooth operation. Ensure even coverage and reapply periodically for continued protection.

Protect with Rust Protector:

Shield metal surfaces from rust by applying a rust protector. Reapply as needed, especially in high humidity or outdoor environments.

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