Gear Hugger eco friendly rust protection.
Removes and protects against rust and corrosion. Before and after.
Spray being applied to metal object to protect against rust.
Gear Hugger Rust Protection Eco friendly spray.
Ingredients contained in rust protection spray, including soy cocoa butter and canola oil.

Rust Protection

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Gear Hugger Rust Protection is a biodegradable anticorrosive solution crafted from vegetable oils and environmentally friendly additives. With exceptional anticorrosive properties, it forms a protective layer on metal surfaces, extending the life of metals in domestic and industrial applications. Ideal for marine use, it displaces moisture and air in saline environments. This product excels in rust removal due to its superior penetrability, ensuring prolonged metal life. Embrace Gear Hugger for effective, environmentally conscious rust protection.

Complete Your Eco Garage

Clean Lubricate Protect

Our revolutionary line of plant-powered products are designed for the eco garage with bio-based alternatives to toxins that deliver superior performance without harming the planet.



1)Shake can, spray product directly onrusted surface and let it sit for 10 minutes.

2)To remove rust and debris, scrub thearea using a brush and wipe off with acloth. Repeat as necessary.

3)To protect against rust and corrosionapply an additional coat and allow the

product to dry on surface.


Enviromentally non-toxic.

·Low Odour; VOC free.

·High degreasing capacity

·Protects from corrosion against moisture.

·Penetrates and loosens oxidation adhesions to metal.

·Frees stuck threads and nuts.

·Removes Rust from metal parts.

Clean Formula, Powerful Results Say goodbye to rust with our non-toxic, vegetable oil-based Rust Protection. It forms a protective layer on metal surfaces, preventing corrosion and enhancing metal life.

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