Making and Keeping Your New “Gear” Resolutions

January 15 2024
a man using spray lubricant grease on his car engine

"Gear" Resolutions for 2024?

Ringing in the new year means new resolutions! But as we all know, people often encounter roadblocks to keeping those resolutions and end up tossing those goals by the end of the month. Hey, we’ve all been there. Luckily this year is different! Why? 

Say your resolution is one of the following: “I'll take care of my stuff this year” or “I’ll make better environmental choices in 2024” or “I’ll finally fix up the house” or even “I’ll venture outdoors more often.” For all of these resolutions, there are products that can help you exceed your goals…you guessed it…Gear Hugger! 

Clean, Lubricate, and Protect Your Gear

Let’s protect our stuff, reduce our consumption, avoid chemicals, and make this the best year yet. To make those resolutions reality, you might want to develop a timetable that will serve as a reminder or designate a particular day each month or each quarter to clean, lubricate, and protect your precious gear:

  1. Check your gear: Mechanisms with metal parts that can rub against each other and cause friction include door hinges, locks and wheels on carts, bikes, motorcycles or other movable objects.
  2. Clean your gear: Debris and dirt can build up on equipment over time and lead to wear and tear. Use a brush or cloth with Gear Hugger Heavy Duty Degreaser to break down grease, grime and dirt with the power of plants - they work on everything from engines to appliances. 
  3. Lubricate your gear: Penetrate moving parts like gears, wheels, tracks and hinges to put them back in working order using Gear Hugger Multi-Purpose Lubricant. It uses bio-based alternatives to toxins that provide 3X performance vs. petroleum-based products and don't harm the planet.  
  4. Protect and store your gear: Proper protection and storage can help to safeguard your gear and maintain its quality. Gear Hugger Rust Protection removes rust and acts as an invisible shield to displace moisture and prevent corrosion. Storing your equipment in a dry, cold, and dark location also helps to avoid damage. 
  5. Repair your gear: Look for cracks, chips, or other sorts of damage. If you do encounter any problems, think about fixing or replacing the damaged gear as necessary to keep it out of the landfill. 

Keep your gear going longer by following the manufacturer's recommendations for lubrication and using plant-powered and non-toxic protects. You'll be joining Gear Hugger in an effort to turn our throw-away society into an upkeep culture so we all feel good about our impact on our planet.