Clean and Protect with Gear Hugger

July 24 2023
two cans of spray lubricant on the floor

Hello, gear enthusiasts! We all know the struggle of having your countertops sticky from grease, tools not properly working, doors squeaking etc... Well not anymore! Gear Hugger brings you the ultimate solution for protecting and cleaning your gear with the NEW Heavy Duty Degreaser and Multipurpose Lubricant! These plant-powered products are not only effective cleaning and lubrication items but also give nontoxic solutions to support a greener planet. 

Say goodbye to grease and grime with Gear Huggers' Heavy Duty Degreaser! A game-changer when it comes to removing grease, grime, and dirt around your home, garage and your gear. Made from all natural, plant-based ingredients, including upcycled agave (no toxic chemicals here!)!!

Heavy Duty Degreaser with the Multipurpose Lubricant:

Gear Huggers Heavy Duty Degreaser: Say goodbye to grease!

  • Step 1: Prep Your Gear, make sure your surface is free from any excess dirt or debris.
  • Step 2: Liberally spray the Heavy Duty Degreaser on the areas with grease and dirt buildup. The formula's powerful ingredients start breaking down the grease on contact.
  • Step 3: For particularly stubborn grease or thick layers of grime, allow the degreaser to soak for a few minutes.
  • Step 4: Take a soft-bristled brush or a rag and gently scrub the surface to remove the grease. Rinse with water and repeat steps if needed.
  • Step 5: Finally, make sure to dry the gear completely before proceeding to the lubrication step.

Gear Huggers Multipurpose Lubricant: Fixing and protecting gear!

Now that your gear is squeaky clean, it's time to offer it the protection it deserves. Gear Huggers' Multipurpose Lubricant is here to help with its natural, plant-powered formula, ensuring smooth functioning and longevity of your gear.

Using the Multipurpose Lubricant

  • Step 1: Give the bottle a few shakes to make sure lubricant is mixed well.
  • Step 2: Using the heavy duty nozzle or the attached precise straw, apply a thin, even layer of the Multipurpose Lubricant to the gear's moving parts. 
  • Step 3: Evenly distribute lubricant by gently rotating or moving the gear after applying the lubricant. This helps in spreading the lubricant evenly across all critical areas.
  • Step 4: Wipe off any excess using a rag.

Gear Huggers’ Heavy Duty Degreaser and Multipurpose Lubricant are truly a dynamic duo, providing your gears with the best care and protection they deserve.

So, gear up, and get the cleaning and protecting power needed with Gear Huggers best friend products the NEW Heavy Duty Degreaser and Multipurpose Lubricant!