Eco-Friendly Tips for the New Homeowner

October 07 2022
two hands and a set of keys

Few moments feel as exhilarating and terrifying as buying your first home. But the reality is, buying your home is most likely the easy part. Maintaining it, on the other hand, can get challenging—but is super important for longevity and keeping things feeling like new. 

Luckily, we’re here to help with some easy tips that make regular maintenance and care something you may even look forward to. Here are six eco-friendly tips for new homeowners to keep their houses in move-in condition and safe for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Windows and screens - Wash your windows and screens regularly, and apply natural, plant-based Gear Hugger lubricant to the window tracks to prevent rust and increase lifespan.
  2. Gas and water shutoff valves - Check gas and water shutoff valves to make sure they’re working correctly. You can use Gear Hugger on these too, to lubricate the valves and prevent rusting and breakage. Inspecting and lubricating your shutoff valves can potentially save your home in an emergency. 
  3. Hot water heater - Flush your hot water heater to extend its life by removing sediment. Consider doing this twice a year to provide you with the most amount of available hot water and to extend the life of the heater. 
  4. Crawl spaces - Check under your crawlspace for excess moisture that can lead to mold and rot problems. Consider hiring a professional company once a year that can inspect for mold and use a moisture meter to ensure your crawlspace is within an acceptable range. To reduce moisture in the area, extend your gutter downspouts to help move rainwater away from the house. Downspouts are the gutter extensions that stick onto the end of the vertical gutter. A longer downspout allows you to disperse water further away from your house. You should also check your crawlspace has enough vents which promote airflow and can reduce mold-producing conditions. 
  5. Deck - Reseal your deck on a schedule to keep it looking great and to seal out moisture and termites. It’s worth doing this once a year to protect the deck from bugs and to improve the value of your home. 
  6. Garage doors - Lubricate your garage door track and wheels to prevent squeaks and extend its usable life. If you live in a cold climate, don’t forget to spray the bottom of the door to stop it from sticking to the concrete in winter. The best part? You can use the same all-natural lubricant that you used for the windows and screens and shut off valves. We love a multi-purpose item that saves space and money by eliminating multiple products!