Five Tips for Winterizing Your Gear and Home

October 28 2022
5 Tips for Winterizing Gear and Home Multipurpose Lubricant for jetskis, boats, garden tools, patios, winter activities, pipe protection

Hearing “Winter is Coming” shouldn’t fill you with dread. It’s a great time to cozy up inside, enjoy the holidays, and prepare for all that spring and summer have to offer. But before the chilly days roll in, it’s key to winterize both your home and gear. Taking care of your stuff throughout the year keeps it functioning better for longer, and in the end, saves you money by not having to replace it as often. With a little effort and some ultra-lubricating plant-based Gear Hugger, you can winterize your home in no time. 

Here are five tips to winterizing sustainability with Gear Hugger:

  1. Set up your patio for spring festivities. Use a pressure washer on your deck and patio furniture and seal the deck with a non-toxic waterproof sealer. Before covering your patio furniture for the season, lubricate any moving parts to prevent winter rusting. Spray Gear Hugger lubricant on sliding door tracks to stop them from freezing shut. Clean your grill by wiping down surfaces, burning off old grease, and coating the grates with Gear Hugger for rust protection. 
  2. Protect your boat or jetski. Lubricate the bearings on your boat trailer to prevent a problem at the dock. You can even spray Gear Hugger on shoe marks or scuffs on your boat deck for easy removal. From cleaning and protecting pulleys to motors and everything in between, the weeks leading up to winter are an ideal time to manage your boat investment and give it some TLC after those high-use summer months. 
  3. Prep your garden tools. Transform your lawnmower, weed whacker, hedge trimmer, and other tools back to their spring condition with an eco-friendly lubricant. Gear Hugger is great for moving parts, and also helps prevent wooden garden tool handles from drying and splintering. 
  4. Enjoy outdoor winter activities. Putting away your summer toys doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and have some fun. While you won’t water ski at the lake or plant some native grasses for a few more months, you can hop out on a snowmobile or hit the ski slopes. Gear Hugger is an ideal lubricant for snowmobiles, so spray some on essential parts during the fall to prep for the season’s first big snowfall. Ski bindings also need some lube to prevent rusting and reduce friction. 
  5. Protect those pipes. Use a spray lubricant on hose fittings to keep them from rusting shut. You can also spray your spray nozzle and trigger. During extremely low temperatures, you can run the hose at a drip to keep water flowing through your pipes, which can prevent freezing and bursting.