Ways to Use Gear Hugger in your Backyard

June 28 2023
outdoor spray lubricant in the backyard

 Summer is finally here! You know what that means… sunny days spent outside! Many of us over at Gear Hugger LOVE to be in our yard working on our gardens, BBQing, entertaining, and all of the other classic summer activities. But after a long and rainy winter, your beloved BBQ and outdoor furniture probably isn’t looking or working like it used to. Don’t fret—we’ve got just the thing to help bring new life to last year’s gear. You guessed it…our multipurpose lubricant! 

Gear Hugger’s plant-based, non-toxic multipurpose lubricant is a true game-changer, offering a wide range of applications to keep your backyard and garden tools functioning smoothly and efficiently. It’s known for having over 1001 uses, but here are a just few to help make your backyard gear like new this season:

Garden Tool Maintenance

Gear Hugger’s multipurpose lubricant can make a huge difference when it comes to the performance and the longevity of your tools. By applying a small amount to the moving parts of these tools, you can clean away excess build up and reduce the friction. Your shears will be working like new and your wheelbarrows will be rolling with ease!

Door and Gate Hinges

After a cold and snowy (or rainy if you live in Southern California like us!) winter your backyard gates, fences, and outdoor furniture may be noisier than ever. Thankfully this is a quick fix! Just apply a few sprays of Gear Hugger to the hinges and you can say goodbye to any annoying noises and hello to relaxation. 

Outdoor Furniture Maintenance

Are your furniture, swing sets, and folding chairs a bit harder to push or move around than you remember? No worries! Spray Gear Hugger on the wheels and moving parts and gently move them back and forth to evenly distribute. Suddenly you’ll be able to easily open your folding chairs, push your swings, and crank open your outdoor umbrella.

Mower Blades

We love extending the life of lawn mower blades and keeping the push mower moving smoothly! Apply a light coating of our lubricant on all moving parts including wheels and base of blades (make sure mower is off, unplugged or battery is removed if electric!!) to achieve a cleaner cut and enhance performance. Have we mentioned all the money you’ll save from bringing old equipment back to life instead of purchasing new?! The Earth thanks you, too. 

BBQ Grills

Spray Gear Hugger’s multipurpose lubricant on the hinges to open and close the cover with ease, or right on the grill to remove excess grease buildup from last year’s grill sessions. It’s totally non-toxic and made of plants, so a-okay around food, kids, and even pets.

With over 1001+ uses, make this multipurpose lubricant your new best friend for all outdoor needs this summer! Whether you’re breaking out your gardening gear or inviting people over for a backyard BBQ, we hope your summer is safe, sustainable, and full of adventure!

We hope you have an epic start to summer!